A tapestry of sweeping orchards, East/Southeast Kelowna spans the city’s south-easterly hillside ridges. As beautiful as it is quiet, residents of East Kelowna can enjoy a classic, rural lifestyle. Home to some of the finest orchards, landscapes and golf courses in town, East Kelowna allows residents to bask in the beauty of the Okanagan while perfecting golfing skills and enjoying fine fruit and wine. Quiet country roads lined with orchards make every drive feel like a peaceful Sunday afternoon. If that weren’t enough, East Kelowna is home to some of the best golf courses in Kelowna, including Gallagher’s Canyon, where you can take in a game while taking in the sites.

A small easy-going neighborhood that has it’s own grocery stores, eateries and a pub, East Kelowna is life uncluttered. Nevertheless, a 15-minute drive to the hospital, mall and downtown, makes it easy to step back into contemporary culture if desired. Rural homes on acreages combine with several modern communities making East/Southeast Kelowna one of the most desirable communities for homeowners wishing to turn back time and enjoy nature.


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